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California Nimbys Threaten Biden’s Clean Energy Goals (2)

Like many who live in this pastoral valley near Livermore, Calif., Chris O’Brien is a believer in renewable energy. The 61-year old logistics business owner outfitted his barn with solar panels that power his 50-acre ranch where he grows oat hay, raises horses and grazes cattle.

South Africa Says $750 Billion a Year Needed for Climate Goals

South African Environment Minister Barbara Creecy said countries at the COP26 United Nations climate talks in November should set a target of mobilizing $750 billion a year from developed countries to help poorer nations transition to greener energy.

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The Long Fight for Environmental Justice Continues

Environmental justice gained traction in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Forty years later, impacted communities still have limited legal options to combat negative environmental impacts.

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